Valentine’s Pick: Cartier Les Heures Fabuleuses Collection

Valentine’s Day is approaching us once again, and as most suitors may know, in this age of creativity, a simple box of chocolates just will not do it anymore. Many internet blogs are already full to bursting with fun, quirky ideas designed to thrill the lady in your life. However, unless you are still on a college budget, a heart-shaped pizza with “I Luv You” spelled out in M&Ms is not cute. It is time to step up your game. Luckily, jewelry is always in vogue. Something rich and elegant from a luxury watch brand is sure to thrill her, and ensure your name is dropped lovingly every time the piece is asked about.


If you are wondering at the sheer volume of merchandise being shelved out specifically for the lover’s holiday, look no further. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Cartier has unveiled the new Les Heures Fabuleuses collection at the annual and prestigious Geneva Salon International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2013. The three-part ladies watch collection each has an animal theme: the Panthère Divine, the Tortue Secret, and the Peacock Motif. Here is a quick run-through of each model, to ensure it fits the personality of the lady in mind.


The Panthère Divine, or the Divine Panther, is a classy and fierce quartz movement watch covered in loose diamonds. The black dial face is an elegant and lithe panther, a favorite mascot of Cartier. Symbolizing luxury and grace, the 18K white gold panther is decorated with black enamel spots to accentuate the expertly cut precious stones. The watch dial comes in black brass with barleycorn guilloché motif, while the rotating hands are rhodium-plated steel. Completing the look is the black calfskin strap, hooked to a double adjustable folding buckle, which is also 18K white gold. This intense diamond piece is perfect for the strong female in your life; tell her she deserves divinity and strength on her wrist with the Divine Panther.


Next up in the trio is Cartier’s Tortue Secret, or Secret Turtle. This elegant piece is named for its closed dial in the form of a turtle shell that easily converts the watch into a bracelet. The Turtle itself is decorated lavishly with diamonds and precious stones. When the shell is slid open, it reveals the watch’s silvered flinqué dial. The watchcase is made in rhodium-plated white gold, with brushed calfskin strap. The turtle’s mysterious eyes are set with a pair of emeralds, accentuating the diamond hour marker. Like the Panther, the Tortue Secret is a quartz movement with similar double adjustable folding buckle in 18K rhodium-plated white gold. This watch is ideal for the elusive and unique personality.


The Les Heures Fabuleuses collection is brought to a close by the stunning Peacock Motif watch. Much like the Tortue Secret, the Peacock boasts a double function as a brooch. The bird itself is 18K white gold with the body and feathers meticulously placed with brilliant diamonds, and two sapphire eyes gleaming proudly at the wearer. In addition to this fine luxury, the watch’s silver dial is engraved with enameled flowers. Unlike the models before, the Peacock comes with a white leather strap to better highlight the flower in natural ruby crystal resting beside the peacock. The leafs adorning the ruby flowers are engraved in nephrite jade, and there is additional mother-of-pearl marquetry circling the sword-shaped watch hands, done in rhodium-plated steel. This fine quartz movement must be worn proudly as either watch or brooch to a woman of elegant nature. Be sure to chose wisely!


Written by Amani Liggett

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