Officine Panerai’s Pocket Watch of the Century

Finely crafted to be pocket-sized.
Finely crafted to be pocket-sized.

At first glance the Panerai Pocket Watch Pam 446 is indeed a gadget to match all gadgets.  The intricate workings are clearly visible as they dangle from a sturdy chain present a feeling of confidence in the machine while at the same time still mesmerizing one back into the days when ticking clocks stood as the one true mechanism.   Amidst this duality of style lies one of the deepest beating hearts come from the craft of watchmaking, still to be seen in this modern world.

Unafraid of change, Panerai instead accepted the challenge of creating a modern wonder with all the quality and modernity necessary.  The 59mm black ceramic case and chain allow freedom of movement without sacrifice of class.  The skeletonized Panerai P.2005/S caliber is hand wound and holds a power reserve for up to 6 days.  277 carefully chosen parts piece together in an elaborate puzzle, the completion of which creates a grander design than any but Officine Panerai could imagine.

Clearly a work of art, it is yet sturdy enough for the boldest adventurer to take on the world in high style.  And perhaps this is the perfect recipient of this proud emblem of Officine Panerai’s quest for the contemporary while still holding true to the origins of watchmaking.  The modern day explorer who also craves the ultimate in class.  This remarkable piece celebrates both the old and the new in a glorious–and pricey at 165,000 Euros–pocketful.

As only 50 pieces are to be made, this is not only a marvelous achievement in epic watchmaking, it is also an expression of the demands of the modern world and its technologies.  Rare as this watch is, there is also a pure fineness yet sturdiness to it that seems to pull it from the crowd and declare it something special.

In this pocket watch, Officine Panerai has crafted what they deem, “the ultimate expression of a brand devoted to innovation as well as tradition”.  If such gems as these are to come from the newly attractive blend of old and new, then please, carry on and good luck!

A pocket watch as the ultimate expression of devotion to innovation and tradition.

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

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