Meet Your Smartwatch: The Pebble

Written by Sarah Peel


We have all know smartphones have taken over the world, but what about smartwaches? The Pebble is the first ever smartwatch that allows users to connect to your smartphones, with support for iPhone and Android both.


The $150 watch comes with a special OS that allows users to connect their smartphones to the device wirelessly (minus making actual phone calls via it). It allows users to find out who sent text messages, phones calls, music and pretty much anything that the phone does the watch can tell you about it. However, don’t get tricked and think that the watch does not act like a normal one, it also tells time and supports more than one “face” style. It also features four buttons, which is rare for a regular watch, but could be normal for the new smartwatches in the works.

The Pebble is put out by a similar company of the same name, based out of the Silicon Valley. Their goal is to do more with it than their first launch, which means future apps for the actual Pebble are in the works.  Since the device is still new, the creators are working hard to perfect it before they launch their own apps. While it can be said that current users can expect some bugs as they would with any other device, the device does seem to work pretty effortlessly accoridng to reviews by the media. The company currently is working hard to perfect their device, which they claim to be working on a way for users to respond via the device without needing the actual phone.
The Pebble has no connection to either Google or Apple, despite the fact that their device supports the 2 common OS types. You can find out more about the device in the coming months, as well as via their official website.

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