Hublot & Ferrari Release Three New Big Bang Models

Hublot-Big-Bang-Ferrari-Red-Magic-Carbon-and-the-King-Gold-Carbon-8Written by Evan Gabriel


The 2013 Geneva Fair was held on January 21st at the Kempiski Hotel in Geneva and saw a remarkable release from a Hublot. As a top-dog manufacturer in the watch industry, the Swiss company collaborated with Ferrari to produce three new watches in the Big Bang Ferrari collection.


Although the partnership between these two super powers actually started in November of 2011 and first Big Bang series dropped at Baselworld 2012, this year’s release has led to improvements that timepiece aficionados all over the world will appreciate.



For starters, there is the choice of innovative materials including ceramic, carbon fiber, and of course, gold.


Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot welcomed the additions to the Big Bang Ferrari collection. Each model is limited edition.


The Red Magic Carbon has red tinted sapphire crystal glass and a black carbon case. Only 1,000 models of this watch have been made.


Encompassing 330 components, the Red Magic Carbon has a power reserve is an impressive 72 hours.





The King Gold Carbon has a 45mm case and a carbon fiber bezel. A limited 500 models of this watch have been produced.


With only 1,000 models being released, the All Black Ceramic has a 45mm ceramic case and looks sleek with either red or black Schedoni leather—which by the way is the Italian company that makes leather for the interiors of Ferrari road cars.


Because all three models come equipped with UNICO movement, Hublot has developed these watches to resemble the power and excellence that its collaboration partner, Ferrari, strives for in the production of autos.


The three additions to the Big Bang clan all have impressively complex dials—not to mention Ferrari’s distinct horse logo climbing upwards past nine o’clock.


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