Happy Birthday Facebook! Love, Raymond Weil

Marketing tactics have had to change over the years with the introduction of the Internet. Today, with social media so large, marketing has taken on a whole new look: Facebook. While luxury watch brands will always have their loyal followers, one of the only way to find new patrons is reaching them through Facebook.  Raymond Weil has recently taken on this challenge, creating a luxury watch world with social media to find a new generation of fans.

Raymond Weil is using Facebook’s 9th Birthday to start a new and innovative marketing plan in order to connect to more people. While billboards, magazines and even television may have reached the right consumers before; it is all about the Internet today. Younger generations spend a lot of their time on Facebook and it is practically free advertisement for Raymond Weil – working similarly to word of mouth.


On February 4th, 2013, Facebook turned nine years old and Raymond Weil sent all their corporate viewers to their new Facebook page in order to create a fan base. They offered their patrons a Happy Birthday message, telling them how Facebook has a similar story to Raymond Weil in how they developed. Their page also offers bonuses, such as locations to buy their watches and the innovative watch finder. The watch finder allows you to input attributes you are looking for in a watch and gives you the best matches.


Facebook gives Raymond Weil a user-friendly page that allows the brand to connect to today’s new social behaviors. It is a huge move forward for them. Not only will the page help find a larger audience, but the comments people leave will be used as feedback to help Raymond Weil give customers precisely what they want.


Raymond Weil was founded in 1976 and has always been an innovative company. To continue forward as one of the only family-run luxury watch brands, they knew it was time to make a huge, innovative move. Their Facebook page offers you a way to connect to them that has not existed before. Enjoy it: http://www.facebook.com/raymondweil.


Written by Stacy McCullough

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