Bvlgari Save The Children Provides the Luxury of Education to All

Written by Laura Rensing

Cynical minds may find it hard to believe that a luxury brand like Bulgari is willing to dedicate fifteen million euro to hundreds of thousands of underprivileged children around the world, but truly: who would best understand that jewels that shine most brightly in a solid setting?

The Bulgari Save the Children program began in 2009 as a celebration of their 125 anniversary.  After over a century in the luxury business, Bulgari decided that it was time to spread the wealth to where it was most needed; in the schools and hospitals of countries wracked by war and poverty.

Since its conception, the program has found its roots in 20 countries worldwide, training 10,160 teachers in 1,235 schools, and directly affection over 300,000 children. The saying that “children are our future,” may seem trite, but it’s a true sentiment, and the funds from the program go to provide better education and health for the next generation. Improvements range from new libraries to language programs, drinkable water to desks and chairs.

This is truly an international effort, with children benefiting in Bolivia and Uganda, from Mexico to Montenegro, and even underprivileged groups in the UK and US.  The program seeks not only to provide resources for schools and institutions in these areas, but training for teachers and students alike so that their progress can continue and grow beyond even the efforts of the Bulgari initiative itself.

To help raise the funds for these programs, Bulgari has created several different ring designs for those who wish to pitch in.  The B.Zero1 silver and ceramic ring donates $90 of the proceeds to the program, while the silver rings send $60 towards the program.

The contribution seems small enough, but one ring along can buy books for 18 children in Brazil, opening a library in India, train 13 teachers in Indonesia, and provide 50 boxes of color pencils for children in China.

Bulgari has never been a company to ignore the needs of others; during WWII Constantino and Laura Bulgari sheltered three Jewish women in their home.  Their legacy of giving aid without hesitation marks them as more than just a luxury brand, but a brand with a larger goal than profit margins.

“We believe every child deserves a future filled with hope and opportunity,” said Bulgari Group Chief Executive Officer Francesco Trapani.  Rather than simply saving the children of these often desolate situations, the program offers something less tangible, but every bit as vital; the hope for a brighter future.

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