Bell & Ross Aviation BR 01 Tourbillon Soars to the Top

Written by Laura Rensing


Whoever said that squares are out of style clearly hasn’t seen the Bell & Ross Aviation BR 01 Tourbillon.  With a fantastic sporty look and a durability that could grind even diamonds down to pieces, the Bell & Ross tourbillon is an incredibly achievement by the company.


The mechanics of the timepiece are stunning.  The watch is powered by a manual movement and features a 120 hour power reserve in addition to the tourbillon movement.


The design of the watch is eye-catching, and can appeal to so many types of potential wearers.  Whether you’re an adventuring risk taker or keep your risks to the boardroom, this watch can easily transition between locations and look just as singular in each one.


The circular dial set into the square bezel is a nice touch to the watch, and blends especially well with the rounded dial and chronograph sections of the watch.  The squareness of the case acts as a frame for the timepiece and helps to draw the timepiece into one cohesive element.


The simple black color scheme does well in this case, and color is used well.  The design allows the tourbillon to speak for itself, and adds the extra benefit of making the timepiece easy to read.  The readability is also helped by the photo-luminescent coating on the indices for extra visibility and the anti-reflective sapphire glass dial window.


The case of the watch itself is made from DLC titanium (Diamond-like Carbon), meaning that this watch is incredibly tough and durable.  The rubber strap mirrors the squareness of the case and also provides comfort and durability to the piece.  Waterproof up to 100 meters, this watch can take a lot of abuse and still look fabulous in the process.  The entire piece is made to be aerodynamic, and the side views of the watch will reveal the trim design of the piece.


A part of the Aviation series from Bell & Ross, the watches from this collection are designed to create “unparalleled legibility, sleek style, and water resistance,” which the Tourbillon version does with grace and style.  It is a powerful display of the strength of the vision of Bell & Ross that the entire collection achieves these goals.


As appealing as this watch is, you’ll have to fight to grab one.  A limited edition model, only 60 of these beauties will be available, so you had better act fast!

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